Services Provided By Us

Reverse Osmosis


Reverse Osmosis reduces TDS of Feed water making it suitable for potable & process purpose. Ph4 supply reverse osmosis in different variants as commercial & industrial.

PH4 RO Benefits
Low Maintenance
Remote Monitoring Facility
Full Automation
Maximum Recovery



Ultrafiltration is variety of membrane filtration in which forces like pressure or concentration gradient lead to separation through semi permeable membrane. It remove particle upto 0.01 micron. Pretreatment of RO & Post treatment of waste Water Treatment.

PH4 UF Benefits
Customized Design
Fully Automated & System Integrated
Most economical design in whole market (Our Specialty)
Services upto 5 year (Only Supplier in market)

Ion Exchange process


PH4 provide variety of solution comprises of ion exchange process such as Demineralised plants, Water softening plants, Mixed bed unit, Condensate polishing etc.

PH4 DM Benefits
System integrated leading ease of operation
Less water wastage than membrane process
Compact design

water softing plant


Water softening plant is used to remove dissolved calcium, magnesium & there carbonate & bicarbonate in raw water. PH4 softner reduces hardness as much as 99% in raw water.

PH4 WSP Benefits
Full Automation
Variants in Design
Low maintenance & easy to maintain

Consultancy/ Refurbishment of Existing System

We do refurbishment serving of existing water & waste water treatment plant.

Upgradation & Automation

Our team pro-efficiently can upgrade your existing system in order to meet your requirement. Quality up gradation as well as capacity upgradation.

Annual Maintenance Contract

It's basically for expert supervision on your existing system. Surveillance to maintain plant efficiency.

Operation & Maintenance Contract 

In this comprehensive contract our people are solely responsible for operating your system to produce water of desired quality & Quantity.

Waste Water Treatment Plants


Sewage Treatment Plant

We Provider various type of STP such as Activated Sludge Process(ASP), Moving Bed Bio-reactor (MBBR), Sequential batch reactor(SBR) and Membrane Bio Reactor(MBR).

PH4 STP Benefits
Easy Operation
Easy Maintainance


Effluent Treatment Plant

We provide ETP with various process such as anaerobic-UASBR, Anaerobic filter,, Bio-digestor, Aerobic-Diffused Aeration, Anaerobic+Aerobic

PH4 STP Benefits
Fully Automated
Batch & Continuous


Condensate Polishing Unit

CPU are recommended for treatment of condensate. It is extremely user friendly, economical.

PH4 Benefits
Odorless Treatment
Aerobic & Anaerobic Process Based


Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

AZLD Plant treats water with zero discharge. It remove all liquid waste from system & economically reduces waste water & produce clean water suitable for use.

PH4 Benefits
Low maintenance
Easy to maintain

Grey Water Treatment

Grey Water Treatment Plant

It treats domestic waste water produced (excluding sewage) for its reuse or safe disposal to the environment.

PH4 GWT Benefits
Easy to Install
Compact Design
Less Maintenance


Electrical Control Panels

We are emerging group for customized control panel manufacturing. PLC Panels, MCC Power Panels, APFC Panels, Process Automation, VFD

PH4 Panels Benefits
Low maintenance
Easy Installation
Customized Axillaries


Dairy Turnkey Project

PH4 is associated with one of the leading turn key project supplier in India. We have vast experience of as much as 6 decades together with more that 1000+ projects.

PH4 Dairy Equipment Benefits
Engineering Design
Less Maintenance
Extremely critical issue tackling manpower  

Water Testing Kits & Instrument

We supply following meters and kits:
PH, TDS, Hardness, Chloride, Sulphate, Iron, Silica, Phosphate, Nitrite, Fluoride, DO, ORP, COD, Ozone, Chlorine. 


Water Treatment Chemical

  • Boiler Chemical
    Scale inhibitor, Corrosion Inhibitor, Descalant, Sludge Conditioner, Passivating agent, pH booster, oxygen schavanger, Alkanity builder. We carry out Descalling activity as well.
  • Cooling Tower Chemical
    Cooling Tower Chemicals: Antiscalant, Biocide, Descalant, Passivating Agent, Dispersent. We carryout Descalling activity as well. We do supply cooling tower, Equipments associated with cooling tower such as fin, Nozzles, holding tanks, etc.
  • Chiller Chemicals
    Scale Inhibitor, corrision Inhibitor, Anti Fouling.
  • RO Additives
    RO Antiscalant, Biocide, Membrane Cleaner.
  • Generic Chemicals
    PAC, De-foamers, Poly Electrolyte, Lime Alum, De-Watering Polymer, Chlorine, Acids, Alkalis, SMBS, Coagulants, Flocculants.
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals
  • Specialist Chemicals for swimming pool maintenance & operation.

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