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PH4 is one of the prominent emerging manufacturer & supplier of wide range of engineered water, waste water & recycle equipment & system. Ph4 is a complete solution of your water & waste water needs. We are also supplying water treatment chemicals & associated services.

Why PH4?

We have CLIENT RETENTION RATIO of 99.9% which is considerably highest than the average retention ratio. Its the triumph of trust between our team & our clients which is making PH4 newest top choice in market.



Our mission is to deliver Eternal, sincere, viable, cost effective, eco-friendly solution with a hope to reciprocate against return on expenditure.

Our Key Strengths

Superior Technical Expertise

Quality Products

Cost Effective


Reliable Services


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis reduces TDS of Feed water making it suitable for potable & process purpose.

Sewage Treatment Plants

We provide various type of STP such as activated sludge process, Moving bed Bio-reactor, sequential batch reactor and membrane Bio reactor.

Dairy Turnkey Project

We have vast experience of as much as 6 decade together with more that 1000+ project.

Water Treatment Plants

We provide various type of water treatment plant such as STP, ETP,ZLD,GWT and Ultrafiltration is variety of membrane filtration.

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